Don’t pack too much food into your mouth, it’s all got to be squeezed through a thin tube called your intestines!

Mid Week Healthy Goal:Slow down.

Learn to enjoy eating again. Eating includes many steps such as putting the food in our mouth, chewing, smelling, tasting and feeling the texture of the food.

Schedule in 1 day a week where you will concentrate on enjoying the process of cooking a meal, and sitting down to eat it. You owe it to yourself. Take time to eat the meal slowly, and determine if you may have been eating too quickly in the past.

The world is such a busy place now, that we don’t eat. Sure, we put the food in our mouth, chew it once, swallow and it’s done…but we often don’t have the time to smell or taste the food nor do we acknowledge how lucky we are to have such nutritious wholesome food right in front of us. And we wonder why 10 mins later we are hungry, or ‘craving’ foods such as chocolate and then overindulge. Or, we get tummy pains or bloating after a sandwhich and blame gluten in the bread, but it may just be that we have eaten the sandwhich so fast that our body is having problems digesting such a large amount of food that has been thrown in all at once.

The Nutrition Guru’s Top Tips:

Don’t eat standing up. Sit down at a table and make sure your feet are firmly on the ground.

Chew your food.

Put only enough food in as your mouth will hold.

Chew and swallow the mouthful before putting more food in your mouth.

Take a breath in and out  in between mouthfuls of food.

Examine the flavour, texture of the food you are eating.

Slow down…and eat. Stay happy and healthy – the Nutrition Guru and the Chef.

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