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So today I flipped out and I cried.

I put on a fitted top with a zipper ready to start my day, but it wouldn’t fit. As much as a squished, wriggles and squeemed, it just would not do up, even after recruiting the Chef to help me out in my quest.

You see, it’s the first time in my life that I have put on a piece of my clothing and it hasn’t fit me. My clothes didn’t fit. My body has changed with age now and with too much ice cream.

I wanted to share this with you, not to complain about the fact that the ice cream has gone to my hips, rather to show the way I recovered, and didn’t let this ‘I feel fat event’ ruin the rest of my day (which it certainly could have).

I realised that:

My physique is not the only measure of my self worth. I’ve got nice eyes, crazy frizzy hair and I can cook an amazing dessert if you pop in unexpectedly.

There are some things you cannot control, such as age and as The Chef kindly and supportively pointed out I am not “16 anymore”

There are things I can control. I decided to determine 3 things that may have contributed to the ‘top not fitting saga’ and the way I could manage these which were…

1. My portions have gotten bigger. My eyes are often too big for my belly. I will aim to use my Top 3 Tipsfor Portion Control
2. I am not eating enough fruit, only one piece per day. My goal this week is to oeat at least 2 pieces of fruit. This is a simple way to prevent filling up on unhealthy snacks.
3. My exercise is a little to comfortable at the moment.

I will increase the intensity of my exercise.

6 thoughts on “Today I Cried…

  1. The Untamed Cook (@UntamedCook) says:

    Oh Dear, I’ve been there before – I have always been one of those horrible people that never put much weight no matter how much I would eat until i crossed 35… oh oh…. Now I will be 40 and I am still pretty fit, two numbers of pants up but still pretty fit and looking good to my age. Important is grow old with dignity, accepting we are not 16 anymore, being healthy and in peace with our new “growing” self 🙂 Don’t be hard on yourself (ok eating 2 pieces of fruit a day is good :-)) – Growing old is a privilege. xx Rachel (a.k.a The Untamed Cook).

    • thenutritionguruandthechef says:

      Thanks for reading UTC! Growing older is the most wonderful privilege, so true! I wanted to show people the way to try and recover from those negative thoughts that happen all the time and show people that I have my sad days just like everyone else 🙂 Love your Brazilian Blancmange recipe!

  2. vanessalillian says:

    Aww, hon *hugs* I’ve been a chubby giantess my whole life but reached a crescendo a few months back where even my fat clothes didn’t fit, and I cried and cried. Ironically it was being the size I had been at sixteen that was the problem 😉 And unlike you, at the time I let it beat me. But you’ve got the right attitude (and so does the Chef – he’s a keeper!), and my attitude has improved, too, and I’ve been doing those three things you listed above for a few weeks. Believe me when I say that even a few days of doing that will feel 200% better 🙂

    • thenutritionguruandthechef says:

      Thanks for reading Vanessa! I’m fine, it’s a common problem that so many people face every day and I really wanted to give some people some insight into ways that you can turn your thinking around and not let it beat you. The Chef is certainly a keeper, my best friend and we have been together for 11 years! Keep up your goof work 🙂 From NG

  3. Randal L. Schwartz says:

    So sad that your reaction to being heavier is to add *more* carbs to your diet. Please consider low carb. If you’re dumping insulin in to your bloodstream five to six times a day (as most western culture people are), you’re abusing your body. Go low carb, get healthier, and lose some of that weight!

  4. ceetee300 says:

    What a brave post – and what wonderful self awareness!!! Thank you so much for sharing, you are inspiring many people to eat and live well, so damn right you should be proud. Nice to know you are human too – many bloggers post the good and leave the bad, keep up the great work beautiful 🙂

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