It happens. We all do it. We are busy and we are stressed.

Nowadays there seems to be use of the amount of stress, chaos and busyness one is under being a reflection on how good a person they are.

It’s almost like if we are asked how we are, it’s standard to rattle off how many things we have to do that day, how little sleep we have had and how many things we have to organise. Conversations are often trailed off with “Well I better keep moving I really have to rush, so many things to do! We’ll catch up soon when there is a moment spare.”

I ask you this – Do you feel like you aren’t doing enough if you aren’t stressed, sleep deprived or frantically busy? Do you feel strange if you haven’t filled your day with a thousands things to do? Do you feel like you aren’t a good parent, grandparent, boss, friend if you happen to have things under control and only have 20 things to do that day instead of 1000?

It happens. We fall into the trap because it is happening around us. We all have the ability to absorb stress from others as well as reflect stress onto others.

It’s not good for our health or happiness, nor the people around us.

It increases our blood pressure, causes tummy upsets, makes us a cranky pants and puts strain on our heart and hormones.

I challenge you to actively remove stress from your day and when someone asks how you are, feel calm and content in answering that things are ‘Great’ and you’re on your way to spend some time for yourself, see a friend or simply … whatever!

Try not to answer with all the millions of things you’ve been doing, how little time you have, how little sleep you have had or how many people are reliant upon you.

It is a vicious cycle and it will turn you inside out.

2 thoughts on “Stress and rushing

  1. Ashleigh Bouttell says:

    I love this! Along with all of your other posts!!

    I see this EVERY day, I do see it as being a competition, especially in the workplace.
    Whilst there is the underlying issue of being percieved as being fully utilised to ensure job security, I am sure it’s more than that.

    I am so thankful for an organically evolving happy and easy life and I do not feel I need to list my stressors… They are as powerful as you allow them to be!

    Thanks again for another quality post x

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