Thinking positively doesn’t just mean thinking only positive thoughts.

It means remaining positive even when negative thoughts come into the mind.

Negative thoughts are part of life, they are reality and they are going to happen.

Negative thoughts aren’t able to be filtered in any way. They come in to your mind.

Positive thinking is realising that negative thoughts happen.

It’s realising that even when a negative thought comes into your mind, you don’t have to let it take over your mind.

It’s realising that you have control over whether you dwell on negative thoughts or not.

Acknowledge them and realise why they are in there.

The next step is to POSITIVELY figure out how you are going to handle that negative thought.

Tips to think positively in the face of negativity

  • Acknowledge the negative thought, don’t try to avoid it. This takes up too much brain space.
  • Set yourself a time limit. Say to yourself: “I will think about this thought or 10 mins until 9:15 am and after this I will have thought about it enough and will no longer need to think about it”
  • Talk to someone about it,a friend, someone close, a counsellor.
  • Exercise
  • Write about it in a journal or scrap piece of paper. You can always chuck  it in the bin later.
  • Surround yourself with people who make you feel happy, not people who require all your strength


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