Every man and his dog writes about nutrition now. But not all of them actually know what they’re talking about.

Want to know how the dodgy nutrition peeps suck you in?

They take away your power.

They make you feel like you are lost in the forest and can’t find your way out.

They tell you that ‘everything you know about nutrition is wrong’ or that ‘everyone else is telling you lies.’ They tell you that they have the answer. That they changed their life around by eating this certain way. That their friends are now converts too. That the way they eat is perfect and the sole reason for their shiny hair, white teeth, nice clothes and radiant personality.

They make you feel like you don’t know anything. They make you question what your instinct is already telling you about health. Make you feel that you are clueless and they are the ones with the answers you need.

They tell you that you can take control of your health.

And then, they sell you their book/eating plan/transformation system.

But you know how to eat. You know how your body works, better than some stranger that you have never met and hasn’t even asked you about your life. You know that fruit and vegetables are good for you, that coke is a not-so-healthy-choice. You know that fast food and cordial are not the best foods for children. You also know that chips, chocolate and cake are ‘sometimes’ foods and that we don’t need to eat a whole massive bowl of just pasta for lunch and dinner every day.

Your instinct is always right. Use it.

Use it to filter through the bull$hit in the health world. Use it to determine whether this person claiming they have the answer for you, is really just trying to suck you in, rip your confidence out from under you, in order to sell you a book/eating plan which will finance their new car, a new t-shirt, or a new juicer to add to their superappliance collection (along with all their superfoods).

If your instinct tells you that bacon isn’t a superfood, you are right. If it’s telling you that all of this coconut oil in the fancy raw vegan desserts makes the recipe online a treat, rather than the ‘guilt-free’ detoxing rubbish that it’s labelled as, then trust it. If you are thinking that the person is a nutter, you are usually 99.9% right, regardless of the number of followers they have on social media.

You can do this. YOU can take control of your health.Don’t just stand there. You’re smart, capable and intuitive.  You’re not lost in the forest, as they have you believe. You know your way out. Use your intuition to source the right information from the right people and you are on your way to health…and you haven’t had to rely on a self-proclaimed expert to show you how to do it.

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the nutrition guru and the chefTara is a university qualified nutritionist, renowned for her no-nonsense approach to nutrition and health. She helps people  learn how to live a healthy life without the need for fad diets or expensive crazy ingredients.