Foods to avoid small

Food that is rotten and crawling with cockroaches

Studies have now shown that cockroaches crawling on food significantly reduces the levels of protein in the food*, making the food completely unable to give you that six-pack of abs you are searching for. Why eat something if it won’t give you abs, right?
*Study was completely made up, but now it’s on the internet in this article, it makes it real

Elephant testicles

Because I’m under 5 foot tall and a testicle from such a large animal is probably going to be bigger than my head.

Food that isn’t enjoyable

Tomatoes are good for you but they make me barf. Honestly. I eat them every so often, but I don’t MAKE myself eat them just because someone in a bikini posted their ridiculously good looking superfood salad on instagram which contained tomatoes.

Fish milkshakes

Because that’s just gross

Activated Nuts

Seriously, who’s got the time to do it yourself, or the money to buy them? Activating isn’t at all necessary for good health. We still absorb nutrients from non-activated nuts. Just eat nuts as nature intended and spend the time you would have spent activating, doing a good deed for another person (such as checking on an elderly neighbour) or donate the money you would have spent on ridiculously expensive fancy activated nuts, to charity.


In all seriousness, let’s stop with all of the ‘Top 10 Foods to Avoid’ and ‘Foods You Should Never Eat’ lists. They’re absolutely plastered all over the net and Facebook is notorious for them. The articles are often grossly inaccurate and can be terribly damaging to one’s psychological and physical health.

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The Nutrition Guru and The ChefThe Nutrition Guru is a university qualified Nutritionist, keen cook and all round myth buster. She cares passionately about advocating for holistic health and providing credible and up to date nutrition information in order for people to make their own educated decision about nutrition.






4 thoughts on “5 Foods a Nutritionist Never Eats

  1. Nutty Nutritionist says:

    Lol, I love this article!! I was worried when I saw the title that you were jumping on the bandwagon of making top 10 lists of foods to never eat. But you definitely didn’t let me down!
    Those lists need to rot in hell!

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