Recently I posted my ‘tired new mum’ moment on Facebook.

I was making a cup of tea and sliced a piece of cheese and put it into a mug of hot water instead of a tea bag.

Crazy, sleep deprived, exhausted. Hot cheesy tea. Quite funny when you think about it.

So I put it to the mums ‘What’s your craziest new mum moment’. Get ready for a chuckly. I’m sure you can relate.



I went to visit my 96 year old grandfather and found myself in the carpark of my hairdresser a suburb over… He thoroughly enjoyed laughing at the young one losing her marbles when I finally got to his house…


With #4 …. I tried to fold up the pram with her in it


Used to have one of those elastic towels to dry your hair. Went and did a full fortnight grocery shop in town. 2.5 hours wandering around in it- doh!


Bapanthen (skin cream) on my toothbrush instead of toothpaste!


I spent a long time waiting for toast that I never put in the toaster. … quite a few times and I still do it 4 years later.


I put cous cous in my coffee thinking it was sugar … i got a shock when i went to down the last bit and got a mouthful of cous cous


 My milk ends up in the cupboard more than the fridge


I was making myself a coffee about to pour in the milk…got distracted…realised I needed to get the washing machine started so went to check it was loaded and almost poured the milk in instead of detergent frown emoticon


 I put my wallet in the fridge and when my shopping got delivered the next day I couldn’t find it to pay  the delivery guy must have thought I was nuts but we both laughed lol


Put a nespresso pod in a coffee cup and stared at it for a while till it dawned on me that that wasn’t going to work


Haha oh my gosh, where do I start!!! I tried to unlock the front door with the car key remote. I kept pressing the unlock button but the front door wouldn’t open!


I left my grandmother in the parking lot and just drove home!


The toaster in the fridge!


Not funny, but have nearly burnt the house down 3 times in 2 weeks because I’ve forgotten I’ve put a pot on the stove


I put the milk in the cupboard!!!!


I often forget what I’m talking about mid sentence- it’s embarrassing! And don’t even recall the story afterwards


Phone in fridge


 Leftover lamb in the cupboard.


Woke up bleary-eyed, and squeezed the wrong toothpaste (super minty adult toothpaste instead of kiddo’s strawberry) for my then 2yr old. Her mouth was burning unsure emoticon


I wore yellow mini mouse slippers to the supermarket


 I put salt in my coffee once.


 Desperate for a caffeine fix and too impatient to put a pod through the machine (yes, I know all of 10 seconds) I poured boiled water straight into jar of instant coffee…spent 1 minute wondering what to do so just added some milk and had a v v v strong moccona lol!

What’s your crazy mum moment? Share below! 

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