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Recipe by: The Chef    Photographs: The Nutrition Guru

Here is a quick rundown on how to bake the best potatoes.

  • Thoroughly wash the potatoes and remove any eyes.
  • There is no need to peel the potatoes. The peel contains valuable fibre
  • Dry the potatoes with a tea towel making sure all moisture is removed. This will help create a crispy skin.
  • Place in a pan that has been drizzled with olive oil.
  • Season with salt and pepper.
  • Drizzle with olive oil, and toss the pan to coat the potatoes in the oil.
  • Add herbs such as rosemary, oregano, sage or thyme.
  • Bake in a hot oven, 200 degrees celsius for at least 30 mins.
  • Cooking time will vary depending on the size of potato.
  • Need to cook the potatoes in a hurry? Simply cut into small pieces which will reduce the cooking time.


The Nutrition Guru says:

  • Potatoes are high in fibre, low in fat and a good source of energy.
  • They are also high in potassium which prevents blood pressure from rising and therefore prevents heart disease.
  • They are a good source of vitamin C an antioxidant which prevents cell damage, boosts immunity and is responsible for wound healing.
  • Potatoes have received a bad wrap in the past couple of years after the popularity of low carb diets.  Potatoes are in fact a healthful food.
  • It all comes down to the way they are prepared and the portion size.
  • Steer clear of fried potatoes, french fries and mash containing large amounts of butter and cream.
  • Steer clear of the high fat sauces that are often served with potatoes such as cream, sour cream and gravy.
  • Watch your potion when eating potatoes. Stick to 1/4 of your meal or plate as a guide.
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