Last week I was interviewed on Kelli Brett’s ‘The Main Ingredient.’ This was super exciting because we have been listening to Kelli’s program for quite a while, so to be asked to speak on her program made me do a little dance in the air.

What was even more exciting though, was the opportunity to clear up some misconceptions about the popular ‘sugar free’ recipes. As you will hear in the interview, sugar free doesn’t mean you can eat 2 slices of cake and many of the ingredients used as a substitute for sugar in these recipes are still a sugar, containing the exact same number of kilojoules as normal table sugar.

Listen below

2 thoughts on “Interview on ABC Radio – The Main Ingredient

  1. Kim says:

    This was great Tara! It is nice to hear someone talking about the importance of not being so restrictive about food. I am ultra healthy but was recently contemplating what new superfoods i could be adding to my diet. Thankyou for putting it in perspective 🙂 Kim

    • The Nutrition Guru and The Chef says:

      Thanks for listening Kim! It’s great to have the healthy outlook, and adding superfoods each day is a great way to boost our nutrition. I guess the take-home message is that you can still be healthy without expensive superfoods by eating fresh fruit and vegetables and whole foods

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