This is simple, homely and delicious. Grilling the cheese creates a little disc of pure savoury deliciousness which oozes like lava when you slice into it with a knife. The honey creates sweetness to cut through the rich flavours of the cheese, and the nuts create a buttery crunch to finish it off. And, who can resist fresh herbs from the garden such as thyme to add an earthy, vibrant flavour.

It took 5 minutes to prepare and is perfect for a little afternoon party, or after dinner instead of dessert. If you are watching your waistline, you could follow the same recipe using haloumi cheese which contains less fat than camembert, and you could serve it with a lovely pile of fresh rocket in order to fill up on less cheese.


1 wheel of Camembert or any other similar soft cheese such as Brie.
1/4 cup Honey
Sprig of Thyme
Half a dozen Macadamia Nuts (or your choice of nuts)
Half a dozen Pistachio Nuts (or your choice of nuts)
1 tbsp Olive or Rice Bran Oil

In a saucepan, place the honey and thyme.
Turn the heat to high and remove the pan when the honey starts to bubble.
Leave the honey and thyme in the saucepan for the thyme to infuse into the honey.

Add the oil to a fry pan.
On high heat, place the cheese into the pan.
Flip the cheese every 20 seconds or so, so that the cheese will brown but will not stick to the pan.
Continue to do so until the outside of the cheese becomes a soft gold colour and feels soft when you touch the centre of the cheese.
In a blender, pulse the nuts until they are coarse. Alternatively you can place the nuts in a zip lock bag and crush with a rolling pin.

To serve

place the cheese on a plate.
Pour the honey over the cheese, including the thyme.
Place the crushed nuts on top of the cheese and scatter around the plate.
Serve with a delicious crusty bread such as wholegrain sourdough or dark rye, or crackers.
We also served with gerkins and lentil sprouts.

monkey cheese.1monkey cheese

If you have a delicious party dish, we would love to hear from you!

8 thoughts on “Grilled Camembert Cheese, Thyme Infused Honey, Pistachio and Macadamia Nuts

  1. Robyn B says:

    Wow, that looks AMAZING. I think I am going to have to try that this week, and I love that you’ve served it with gherkins. I love gherkins with cheese.

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