Today my friend said that she loved my butt. She said she wished she had a butt like mine.

Nice huh?

The funny thing is, my butt is the body part I hate the most. I have issues with my butt.

You see, it’s a bubble butt and I want a skinny flat butt. Isn’t that what all the supermodels have?

And it got me thinking, while I am walking down the street, thinking how big my butt looks in these jeans, my friend was in fact admiring it. She was wishing it was hers.

Another friend recently told me that she is not happy with her ‘flat butt’ and there are pants you can buy that has padding to make it look like you have a bigger one – I had a good giggle!

My thought about my butt were a total waste of brain space. It was a thought that occurs often and JUST a thought not necessarily one I need to act or dwell upon.

So, don’t listen to all your thoughts. Especially when they are about your body, because those knees you think are chubby and need to be covered up are probably the same knees that your friend is wishing she had.

And if you think your friend has a lovely feature, why not make it a priority to tell her when you see her next. It might just maker her day.


7 thoughts on “Body Image and Butts

  1. Paul Woods says:

    Great article! A woman who has confidence in herself and her body is both powerful and attractive. Forget the stereotypes…Rock what ya got!

  2. Renita says:

    I have my my mum’s heavy legs but my dads flat butt. I can never fill out the size of pants i need to accommodate my legs in the butt region so have saggy extra material there. I wouldnt mind a bit of extra padding. Its the old saying you always want what you dont have.
    P.s: love reading your advice and trying your recipes. Keep up the good work, its appreciated ++ by me 🙂

  3. Hannah says:

    So true! I always found mine intimidating, but over the last few months have received comments (compliments in fact!) about it from several unexpected people – and it has changed my whole perspective. Embrace the bubble butt 🙂 and pay forward the positivity.

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