Chicken and Corn Soup

This is a regular meal in our house. It’s Warm, nourishing and so simple.



2 cans creamed corn (400 gram tin)

3 cups chicken stock

2 whole shallots

1 chicken thigh per person (or you can simple use left-over roast chicken, or buy a BBQ chicken from the supermarket)

4 eggs separated (optional)

Soy sauce (or tamari for gluten free option)


Into a large saucepan, empty the creamed corn and stock and bring to the boil on high

Slice the chicken into small strips and add to the hot liquid

Turn the pot down to medium heat

Slice the white part of the spring onion finely and add to the pot

Let the soup simmer until chicken is cooked through, approximately 10 mins

Seperate the egg whites from the yolks. You are going to now make the egg ribbons. Slowly drizzle the egg whites into the soup in long ribbons. (Don’t just clump them in all at once) Don’t mix yet. Leave the egg whites to cook until you see then starting to turn white. Take a spoon and gently stir the soup in a figure 8 motion to break up some of the cooked egg whites

So as not to waste the yolks, add all the yolks at once and quickly stir the soup straight away. The yolks will thicken the soup. Keep stirring to disperse the yolks so they do not clump together

Taste the soup and if you feel it needs more salt, add a dash of soy sauce
Garnish with finely sliced green section of the shallot


If you feel it needs more salt, add a splash of soy sauce
If soup is too thick, add more stock or water
If soup is too thin, add another can of creamed corn or some more egg yolks using the technique above
Add chopped kale or bok Choy for extra nutrition

Chicken and Corn Soup 3


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