Gluten Free Sweet Potato, Coconut and Chai Loaf

Sweet Potato and Coconut bread recipe gluten free

Are you looking for something a little bit sweet, a little bit nutritious and a little bit delicious? This Sweet Potato, Coconut  and Chai Loaf is a wonderful alternative to your normal every-day cake. Instead of most cakes which consist of flour, butter and not a lot of anything else - this loaf packs a nutritious punch with the base being sweet potato and ground almonds. This means that the loaf contains fibre for a healthy digestive system and will fill you up quicker than your average … [Read More...]

Chocolate Beetroot Cake

Chocolate beetroot cake feature image 2

Five years ago, I came across a strange combination at an organic cafe that caught my eye. It was a Beetroot and Chocolate cake. I was intrigued and had to sink my teeth into a slice. I am so glad I did, as it was one of the most heavenly delights I had ever tried. The combination of sweet earthy beetroots with the familiar taste of chocolate was just heavenly. I returned a week later to find that it was no longer on the menu (unfortunately not enough patrons had crazy or adventurous taste buds … [Read More...]

The Truth about Coconut Oil


If there is one food product that has exploded onto the health food scene over the last 12 months, it's coconut oil. Added to chocolate bars, pour it on your cereal, eat it with a spoon, or pour it on your salads. I've seen claims by health food companies that it will burn fat and help you to drop weight fast, reduce inflammation, make you happier, and cure arthritis. A big part of the coconut oil explosion can be put down to the point in time when super gorgeous, super healthy supermodel (I … [Read More...]

Talking Nutrition and Cooking – ABC Interview 2

abc sunshine coast

We both recently spoke with Mary Lou Stephens on ABC Sunshine Coast about how we met, nutrition fads, the foods we love, and who rules our kitchen. Listen by hitting play below … [Read More...]


The top 5 misleading nutrition labels

The Top 5 Misleading Nutrition Labels

Avoid being mislead in the supermarket, or when looking for recipes online. Being aware of these five popular terms will make sure you make healthy choices when it comes to food. Organic A clever marketing strategy used by food manufacturers to lure buyers into believing their packaged product is healthy, organic does not automatically mean… 

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Interview the Main Ingredient

Interview on ABC Radio

Last week I was interviewed on Kelli Brett’s ‘The Main Ingredient.’ This was super exciting because we have been listening to Kelli’s program for quite a while, so to be asked to speak on her program made me do a little dance in the air. What was even more exciting though, was the opportunity to… 

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Sweet potato mash

Sweet Potato and Butter Bean Mash

This Sweet Potato and Butter Bean Mash is a recipe I cook often. You’ve heard me bang on about it numerous times. Contrary to popular belief, carbs aren’t the bad guy. It’s refined white carbohydrates (such as cakes, biscuits, crackers, white bread) and TOO MUCH carbohydrates that is the problem, not the carbs themselves. Carbohydrates… 

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San Choy Bow recipe

San Choy Bow

This is a super easy recipe and delightfully versatile. I often cook a double batch and freeze half for later in the week. Or, you can make a double batch and serve in lettuce cups tonight, then use the left over San Choy Bow simply served on top of noodles or rice the following night!… 

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