This is our favourite dish to make at home in the whole wide world. Cheap, easy, one pot, takes only 5 minutes and nutritious. There are so many variations to this soup. The key here is that it is a soup of which you can throw in ANYTHING. So what will you need?

  • Noodles
  • Stock
  • Vegetables
  • Meat or seafood (optional)

Vegetables: Make this soup to get rid of vegetables that are getting a bit old in the fridge. You can pack it with as many vegetables as you can, or as little as you have on hand. Vegetables such as: Mushrooms-Bok choy-Spring Onion-Cabbage-Broccoli-Carrot-Capsicum-Mushroom-Bean Sprouts-Zuccini…just to name a few.

Noodles: are a great form of energy. We have so many to choose from now including: Wholemeal – Buckwheat-Soba-Udon-Singapore-Egg-Rice-Vermicelli. Always read the packet and choose noodles low in fat. Noodles less with less than 2grams of fat per 100 grams are a healthy option. Always read the label of noodles, as many noodles are deep fried before being packaged and can have up to 20 grams of fat per serve.

Recipe Guide 

Noodles of your choice (we love wholemeal noodles as they are low Gi and have more fibre). Read packet of noodles to determine a serve size

2 Cups Stock per person. See here for our chicken stock recipe

1 can Shitake mushrooms (or 2 cups of dried shitake mushrooms available from the Asian section of all supermarkets, soaked in boiling water for 1 hour).

1 can bamboo shoots

1 can water chestnuts

1 bunch Bok Choy

100 grams of meat per person (optional). Our favourite is chicken thigh, but you could also use chicken breast, duck, sliced beef or pork.


In a pot, cook noodles in boiling water to manufacturers instructions. Drain, rinse with cold water and set aside.

Using the same pot, bring the stock to the boil.

If using meat, add the chopped meat and cook through. Cooking time will vary according to thickness of meat. If you are cooking chicken thigh in 1 cm cubes, this should take only 2 minutes.

Add any hard vegetables which will take the longest, such as carrot first. A minute later add all other vegetables. The vegetables should only take 1 or 2 minutes to cook through.

When vegetables are done (make sure they are still lovely and crispy), place a handful of noodles in the bottom of a serving bowl. Ladle the soup, vegetables and noodles over the noodles.

Top with thinly sliced shallot.

Other additions you might like to try: Cubes of tofu, top with Vietnamese mint or coriander, add won tons. Be adventurous and try lots of different combinations.

Buckwheat noodles with beef, pork won tons, shitake mushrooms, zuccini, broccoli and bamboo shoots
Char siu pork, pork won tons, shitake mushroom, tofu and spinach soup.

Stay happy and healthy…The Nutrition Guru and The Chef.

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  5. Lindsay says:

    Looks AMAZING!!! Looking forward to seeing the recipe for the wontons 🙂
    By any chance do you make your own chat siu pork? If you do would you mind sharing. Thanks

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