Maple Glazed Baked Sweet Potato with Sesame Seeds

Baked Sweet Potato with Maple Syrup and Sesame Seeds

Trying to cut back on your sugar intake? No problem, just omit the maple syrup!  Apart from sweet potato being packed full of nutrition, it’s a versatile staple ingredient that can be used across many cuisines and dishes. Our Tip: Save time in the kitchen by roasting a huge batch of this recipe to use… 

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Vegan Chocolate Sweet Potato Cakes

Sweet Potato Chocolate Brownies Gluten Free Dairy Free

Deliciously rich and moist and perfect for vegans and people with intolerances. It is dairy, gluten and egg free.

The Truth About the Paleo Diet

The truth about the paleo diet

Wondering if the paleo diet is for you? The pros and cons of paleo written by a university qualified nutritionist

Top 3 Tips for Controlling Emotional Eating

Nutrition weight loss emotional eating

  We don’t only eat to satisfy our hunger. We also turn to food in times of stress and sadness because life is busy, hectic, frightening and bewildering at times. The trick is to acknowledge that this is a fact of life and to be more aware of those times that it might be happening to… 

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Top 3 Healthy Snack Ideas

snack healthy food recipe nutrition motivation nutritionist

Here are my top three snack ideas to beat the 3pm slump. The trick is to add a small amount of protein for energy and to keep you feeling full.

A Word About Body Image with Modern Yogi Mama


  Today I bring you an important lesson two friends have recently learned on a journey together, written by the yogi extraordinaire and friend Krystal. She addresses the all too common issue that we all experience – negative self talk about our body and what we can do to change this way of thinking with… 

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Little Apple Bites

healthy snack health nutrition weight loss

  So it’s 3pm and you just can’t stop thinking about chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. You are tired, want to have an afternoon nap but of course, that isn’t possible. Your focus is wavering and you feel like the energy has been zapped right out of you. Here is my go-to snack for afternoon… 

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Diet Shake Recipe

[vc_row el_position=”first last”] [vc_column] [vc_column_text el_position=”first last”] Here’s my recipe for the best diet shake in the world. It is highly effective, inexpensive and all natural. Ingredients: 1 x booty (also known as bum or butt) 1 x fast and loud music track 1 x dose of motivation Method: Put the music on SHAKE SHAKE… 

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How to Get Your Man to Eat Healthy Food

Man small

It’s hard isn’t it. You want to revamp your diet and eat nutritious wholesome foods, but your man is happy with what he’s always known and the thought of suddenly eating more veg, switching to brown rice and eating more fish instead of a  300 gram steak is truly horrifying to him. So, you make dinner… 

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Healthy Chocolate Banana Icecream

I myself have a sweet tooth. My dreams would come true if I could eat icecream all day. Take a look at this easy and nutritious recipe. It only takes minutes to make and perfect for people who are dairy or gluten intolerant or vegan. And why not make two flavours? To make plain banana, just… 

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Top 3 Ways to Lose Weight

Here are my top 3 recommendations for the weight loss and health. They don’t involve forking out a heap of money on supplements and superfoods, nor do they involve 3049 sit ups a day. Beware, they sound so simple and almost plain. But it is amazing how many people go straight for the difficult things… 

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Pumpkin Pasta Sauce

Love creamy pasta sauces but don’t want the fat and calories? Try this easy and healthy way of making a delicious pasta sauce packed full of flavour The first step is to follow the recipe for making Baked Pumpkin here. When pumpkin has finished baking, reserve a handful of segments to garnish your pasta with. Place… 

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Roast Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup Nutrition

Peel it, chop it and chuck it in the oven. It’s simple and something you can make a large batch of to last you over the next few days in the kitchen. Use on sandwiches, toss through salads, mash it, serve with stir frys or baked dinners. Place it on top of lentils, mix it… 

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Raw Chocolate Mousse Tart

This cake is a egg free, dairy and gluten free. It can also be made suitable for vegetarians. You would never know it though, the mousse is silky smooth and packed full of flavour and the base is crunchy and sweet. It’s ridiculously easy to make and I hope it gives you’re belly as many smiles as it… 

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Poh Ling Yeow ‘s Health Tips

Many of you know may know Poh Ling Yeow from MasterChef Australia or her TV show Poh’s Kitchen on the ABC, where she whisked, baked and steamed her way through amazingly delicious recipes. Some of you may simply know her for that infectious smile, or as the esteemed painter and artist that she is. On top of these things, Poh… 

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Crunchy Popcorn Crumbs – Gluten Free

Gluten Free Popcorn Crumbs

In the back of the pantry, I found a half eaten bag of already popped popcorn from last week. It was stale, though instead of throwing it out I decided to blitz it up to make breadcrumbs. This mix makes a great coating for chicken, fish, a filler for rissoles or patties. Simply use to… 

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Healthy Chocolate Spread

This week I am trying to squeeze more heart healthy monounsaturated fats into my diet by way of avocado’s and nuts. Why? Well I’d like to live a long, healthy and happy life and these nutrients are a proven effective way in which to do that. This recipe is a bit sneaky because it is… 

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Easy and Nutritious Macadamia Biscuits

Macadamia and pistachio biscuits dairy free gluten free

  Biscuits, normally full of processed flour, sugar, fat and preservatives – making them a pretty empty way to stack on the kilograms. When we eat sweeties, we try to pack them full of the most nutritious ingredients that we can. It doesn’t mean that they turn out calorie free, but at least those calories… 

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The Healthiest Approach to Weight Loss

I often get asked the best way to lose weight. Nine times out of ten, the person will also state in that very same sentence, that they heard they should cut out gluten, stop eating dairy, go on a juice fast or start a carb free diet. And I can’t blame them. The internet has made… 

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Plum and Apple Crumble with Macadamia Nuts – Gluten Free

Difficulty level: Easy Preparation Time: 10 mins maximum We both have sweet tooths and let’s be realistic, there are some days when you just have to have a little treat. So when we make sweet treats, we find every way possible to ADD nutrition to the dish. The humble crumble is a well known dessert… 

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Chocolate Beetroot Cake

Chocolate beetroot cake feature image 2

With the addition of nuts (ground almonds) and beetroots, this is a healthier cake than your average chocolate cake.

Packed full of fibre, vitamin E, and antioxidants, it can also be adjusted to be gluten-free very easily. It does contain sugar and fat, although we have used olive oil (a heart healthy oil) as a substitute for butter.

Black Sesame and Coconut Icecream

This recipe was born after looking at my kitchen bench. For some unknown reason, there was a packet of black sesame seeds, a jar of palm sugar syrup, rice malt syrup and a can of coconut cream sitting on my bench that hadn’t been put away after a cooking session. I looked at this little group of ingredients and… 

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Super Fudgy Truffles

For Valentines day I wanted to make The Chef something nice, but at the same time healthier than your usual box of chocolates. So I grabbed the blender and a heap of ‘good stuff’ and I blitzed it all until it resembled something delicious. These little babies are gluten, grain and dairy free so they… 

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The Truth about Coconut Oil

the truth about coconut oil

Did you know coconut oil does NOT have a high smoke point? Did you know that there is little scientific evidence to support its weight loss claims?

Superfoods – My Least Favourite Word in the Nutrition World

There’s one term that my eyeballs keep reading a million times a day. It’s all over blogs, TV, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and yes, Pinterest. Superfood. This term hurts my eyeballs and my brain. I physically cringe every time I read it, and I’ll tell you why. It’s not the foods as such that hurt, but… 

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When to throw in what…the order of a stir fry

We always get asked when to add what to a stir fry. So here is a simple little graphic from us to you. Print it off, and pop it in with your recipe book. Remember, the more vegetables you add to your stir fry, the more healthy and nutritious the dish is! Stay happy and… 

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Banana and Honey Smoothie Icypoles

As you probably know, we both have a soft spot for icecream. Any chance that we get, we make sure we have a batch of icy poles ready in the freezer to prevent any big icecream binges. Making your own Icypoles on milk means they are much much lower in fat than a shop bought… 

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The Chef’s Easy Curry Paste

Curry paste recipe

Recipe by: The Chef I love curries, and the Nutrition Guru tells me the ingredients I often use to make them are very good for you. I think people often believe that cooking with a curry means that a dish will be hot and burn your mouth, which obviously not everyone enjoys. Though that isn’t the case…. 

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Panna Cotta

panna cotta recipe

Want a dessert that tastes delightful AND is easy to make? Look no further. This uses ingredients that  most people always have on hand, and literally takes 5 minutes to make. It does take time to set in the fridge, but it’s definately worth the wait. Such a great recipe to make the day before a party to save… 

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The Taste of Summer – Yoghurt Mango Coconut and Pomegranate

It’s Summer in Australia and it’s lovely and hot. When it’s hot we always feel like icecream. Often we will treat ourselves at our local fabulous icecream joint, but our waistlines wouldn’t be happy with us if we did that every day. So, to fulfill our sweet urge, increase our fruit intake, make sure we have an… 

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Easy Thai Chicken Curry

Thai Chicken Recipe

Those of you who read our blog and Facebook page know us by now. We are ‘one pot wonder’ makers. The Chef spends all day cooking, so the last thing he wants to do when he cooks at home is cook up a dish requiring 15 different steps and 11 different pots and pans. And… 

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Salt and Vinegar Beetroot Chips

Sink your teeth into these healthy, flavoursome and easy chips using beetroot. They are baked, not fried and look pretty sexy don’t you think? Recipe Ingredients 2-3 large beetroots 2 tbsp olive oil 2 tsp vinegar (apple cider vinegar is perfect). salt Method Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Wash beetroots well and peel. Slice… 

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Pineapple Coconut and Mint Juice

We live near the beach and love a morning swim. We love coming home and whipping up a refreshing juice to start the morning, as the weather warms up and Summer is almost upon us. Recipe Makes 2 tall glasses 300ml coconut water 1 cup ice 2 cups fresh pineapple Handful of fresh mint Blend… 

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Watermelon and Coconut Juice

Return from a swim, refreshed and ready to start the day. The sun shining through the kitchen window and the weekend newspaper ready to read. Refresh, cool down, and relax. Recipe Makes 2 glasses 2 cups watermelon deseeded 1 cup ice cubes 1 tsp honey (optional) 300ml coconut water 1 cup ice cubes 2 or 3… 

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Red Papaya Smoothie

Papaya is a wonderfully nutritious fruit with a beautiful red/orange colour. It is high in fibre and contains 3 times our daily requirement of vitamin C. The fruit contains the enzyme papain which helps to breakdown proteins and can therefore help promote good digestion. The seeds of the fruit are edible and particularly high in… 

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Mango Lassi

The first of the mangoes have come into the stores, and we are definately making the most of it. These babies are low in fat, packed full of fibre, potassium and antioxidants such as  beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a protector against cell damage and disease and helps cells repair. Chok-a-block full of Vitamin C for a healthy immune… 

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Goals to Live a Healthy Life

Recently we kicked off a week of Healthy Inspiration on the Facebook page, providing a daily goal to aim towards. Let’s have a look at the reasons behind each of the goals. Firstly, we started on a Saturday. Why a Saturday? Well, why not? Many people often delay their new goal to a Monday, always… 

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