Searching for snacks which pack a nutritious punch and are simple to make? Here’s a list you know you can trust.

Because many of the recipes could also be served as breakfast or lunch, I’ve popped a ‘Snack Size Portion’ guide at the bottom of most recipes to  make sure that you don’t have too much of a good thing. Which is hard, because these recipes are delicious!



1. Sweet Potato, Coconut and Chai Loaf

One of our most popular recipes because of it’s unique, delicious flavour

Snack Size Portion: 1 slice

Sweet Potato and Coconut bread recipe gluten free



2. Little Egg and Cherry Tomato Tarts

Protein hit, here we come!

Snack Size Portion: 1 medium tart

Sweet Potato and egg tarts



3. Easy  Cookies

Once you click through, don’t let the name of these fool you. If you’re a cookie monster, this recipe is a healthier alternative to your normal biscuits.

Snack Size Portion: 1 cookie

LActation cookies



4. Porridge

Via Jamie Oliver.

This is my daily snack. Because it’s a snack, and not a meal, stick to a smaller portion than you would normally serve for breakfast.
Jamie’s recipe will hit the spot (just skip the salt and use a small bowl for snack sized portion control)

Snack Size Portion: Half a cup of porridge

Image via

Image via



5. The Easiest Banana Bread, Ever

No really, it’s THAT simple and tastes THAT good

Snack Size Portion: 1 small slice

Super Simple Banana Bread


6. Bananas

Healthy food is often the simplest food. Packed full of fibre, good quality carbohydrates, vitamin B for energy and more…



7. Intolerance Friendly Banana Bread 

Snack Size Portion: 1 small slice



8. Cheesy Baked Quinoa and Zucchini Cups

These are great for school or work lunch boxes

Snack Size Portion: 1 portion

Cheesy Baked Quinoa and Zucchini Cups


9. Peanut Butter and Banana on Toast

Choose a good quality bread, natural peanut butter (where the only ingredients are peanuts) and you have a delicious and stupidly simple snack that you can make without fuss

Toast with peanut butter and  banana

Snack Size Portion: Ultimately, half a slice of toast, thin layer of peanut butter. If having the whole piece of toast, that’s fine, just watch your snacking for the rest of the day and make healthy choices. 

10. Pumpkin, Kale and Fetta Frittata

via The Alimental Sage

Whack ingredients in the tray, and pop in the oven! Portion it up into bite sized pieces and you have snacks sorted

Pumpkin frittata alimental sage

Snack Size Portion: The size of the palm of your hand or smaller


11. Go-to Granola

Via Laura Ford Nutriton

Make a big batch to last a couple of days. Munch on a small handful as a snack or top half a cup with your favourite milk and fruit in a small bowl

Breast feeding Granola Laura Ford Nutrition

Snack Size Portion: 1/4 cup granola + some milk and fruit

12. Celery + Peanut Butter + Sesame Seeds

Simple is delicious

If nuts are a no-go for you, try a seed butter such as sunflower seed butter available from supermarkets and health food stores

Snack Size Portion: Try and keep the serve of peanut butter under 1 tablespoon

Breast feeding snack

13. Porridge with Peanut Butter or Tahini, and Nutmeg

My favourite combo, adding a dollop of healthy fats and delicious flavour.

Snack Size Portion: Half cup of porridge, less than 1 teaspoon of nut paste


14. Peaches with Ricotta and Crushed Nuts

Cut a peach in half and roast in the oven – 180 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes. You don’t even have to roast if you have no time, simply serve as is. Serve topped with a dollop of ricotta and crushed nuts and maybe a sneaky drizzle of maple syrup

Snack Size Portion: 1/2 peach, 1 teaspoon ricotta, sprinkling of nuts

breast feeding snasks easy

15. Bircher Muesli

via The Healthy Chef

Make a batch and portion into snack sized serves to last you the next couple of days

Snack Size Portion: 1/4 cup bircher

Recipe via Teresa Cutter - The Healthy Chef
Recipe via Teresa Cutter – The Healthy Chef


16. Toast with Sliced Peaches and Ricotta

A spread of ricotta, some sliced peaches, and you are good to go

Snack Size Portion: Ultimately, half a slice of toast, tablespoon of ricotta. 


17. Fruit

Fruit is the ultimate snack. Make sure you are getting 2 pieces per day! Only half of Australians are having the recommended serves. To make sure you get your daily dose, get your fruit out first thing in the morning and place where you spend the most time – your computer desk, the loungeroom. This gives you easy access for snacking.

breast feeding snacks fruit


18. Avocado and Fetta on Toast

Carbohydrate + healthy fats + protein = perfection!

Choose a good quality toast with at least 4 grams of fibre per 100grams

Snack Size Portion: 1/2 slice of toast, a thin spread of avocado and a sprinkle of fetta

breast feeding snacks avocado

19. Eggs

Boil a batch of eggs and snack on them cold. Add to salads to boost the protein. I do this every couple of days

Snack Size Portion: 1 egg



20. Bliss Balls 

via The Biting Truth

Perfect snacks to keep in your bag. Just watch your portions. One bliss ball provides more than enough energy and nutrients as a snack.

Snack Size Portion: 1 small bliss ball 

bliss balls


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